So far this summer, Minnesota has had multiple 90+ degree days. If you don't have air conditioning it's miserable. Here's how to keep cool anyway.

Considering Minnesota is one of those places where it's winter 50% of the year, some Minnesotans don't worry about having air conditioning in their home or cabin. When it's in the 90's with bright sun, it can get downright hot in your home. Here's some ways you can keep cool during the day and beat the heat.

  1. Keep the lights and computers turned off. They emit a ton of heat in the room they are in, keeping them off will keep the heat out of the room.
  2. Close the window shades. If the sun is shining directly into a room, block it out by closing the shades in that room. The direct sun can heat up a room and make it a sauna. Doing this can lower the temp easily by 10 degrees.
  3. Cool the house in the evening. When the sun goes down, open the windows and get airflow through the house. If there's not much of a breeze outside, use a fan at an open window to pull in the cool outside air.
  4. Freeze your bedding. Use cotton sheets to wick the sweat away from you while sleeping and prior to going to bed, freeze your sheets and pillow cases. The cool sheets will help your body get comfortable enough to fall asleep quickly.
  5. Cook outside. Don't use your stove or oven in the house, period. It'll take hours to cool the home back down from just a little oven use. Grill your food outside as much as possible to keep the heat OUTSIDE.

We've still got the hottest days of the year yet to come here in Minnesota. Following these simple ways to keep your house cool on those hot days will make getting through this summer without A/C...a breeze (pun intended!)

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