The famous North Star Mini Donuts food truck will make a stop in Sartell on Thursday evening. Known for their apple cider mini donuts, the truck will set up shop at Scheels Athletic Complex on Pine Cone Road from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

North Star will make hot, made to order apple cider mini donuts, serve frozen cider slushies and will even have bags of freshly picked apples. A portion of the day's sales will go back to the Sartell-St. Stephen School District.

North Star Mini Donuts via Facebook
North Star Mini Donuts via Facebook

One dozen mini donuts costs $8, two dozen $15 and three dozen will cost $20. Frozen cider slushies are priced at $5 per cup, while 1/2 peck bag of freshly picked apples will cost $20/bag. Cash, credit and Apple Pay will all be accepted on site.


We will be there whipping up our made to order, apple cider mini donuts served HOT off the machine, just like at the orchard. We will also have our must try frozen cider slushies (no sugar added)! Last, we will also be selling 1/2 peck (approximately 5-6 pounds) bags of FRESHLY PICKED Apples! Did you know the average age of a store-bought apple is 14+ months? Yikes! Taste the difference of a fresh apple without having to visit an orchard.

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