Have you ever seen videos where people saved someones life just by being at the right place at the right time. It's like "Wow, if it wasn't for that person that other person wouldn't be alive". It's kind of amazing.


I remember back when I was in junior high, in Elk River, I was walking to the gas station in the morning on the way to school. There was a train track I had to cross on my way. A train was going by  and I waited for it to pass and started walking not realizing there was a train coming the other direction and just missed me by just seconds. I felt the vibration of the train going by and my hair being whooshed by the train that was close behind me. It was crazy to experience. Close call for sure.


In this video below, some of the things will just blow your mind. For example a car being struck by a airplane making a crash landing, or a child falling from a building and being caught before hitting the ground, or the toddler falling into a man hole and being pulled out and a very upset mother. Scary stuff with miraculous endings. You just need to check this out for yourself.

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