A couple of weekends ago my family took a day trip to Mall of America to ride some rides and get some dinner. Walking into the mall, we were greeted by a big sign that said "Mask wearing highly recommended for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests."

The key word there is "recommended." As we wandered the bustling mall I anecdotally noticed what appeared to be an even split among mask-wearers and non-mask wearers.

Imagine that! The people who were comfortable going without a mask did so and the people who wanted to wear one did. I didn't see one confrontation between employees and customers over mask wearing and didn't observe any of the mask-wearers appearing uncomfortable around the non-maskers (or vice versa).

Earlier this month the Minnesota State Fair announced that they would not require masks or proof of vaccination to get into the Great Minnesota Get Together. Instead, the Fair said masks would be "highly recommended." Just like Mall of America.

Isn't this what we should be striving for at this point? The information on the virus and its current number of cases, etc, is given to you and you do with that information what you think is best for you. Those who would feel more comfortable masking up can do so without judgement and those who do not feel that it is necessary are free to take that risk.

No one is saying you can't wear a mask, only that the Fair isn't going to be the one to tell you that you have to. If you are uncomfortable with the policy put in place by the Fair, you do not have to attend it. After all, attending the Fair is not a right, its a privilege.

The State Fair is mainly an outdoor event. All summer long we have had full capacity at MLB games, concerts, graduations, etc. It has been generally accepted that outdoor events are not especially dangerous when it comes to the spread of COVID.

Indoor events, like concerts, are a different animal. However, I think the fair made the right call this year.

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