I'm not a huge fan of jelly beans.  They are just some weird sugary pile of gelatin strangeness.  BUT I would be a huge fan of these jelly beans.  They are from Brach's.  And they aren't just one flavor, either.  They are a mixture of grape, blue raspberry, blueberry and berry.  All good.


They are just in time for Easter, and a must have for any Prince fan.  Even if you are just a novel Prince fan, or if you just like jelly beans.... these are what you need to do. Plus it sounds like a much better flavor than some of the other jelly beans out there.  I personally like the black ones, but I know that a lot of people have issues with those.  Black licorice is not a fave.  But I like it, so there!

 I'm going to have to try these Purple Rain ones.  Maybe I should just frame them.. or put them in a case for display.  Ha!