A talk radio show, that broadcasts in Minnesota and North Dakota, received a call from a woman insisting that deer crossing signs promote deer to cross where they're posted.

If this lady is actually serious then we need to track her down and get her admitted to the psych ward immediately.

To sum it up, she is trying everything she can to get the government to move the deer crossing signs to a safer location for people and the deer. She can't seem to understand that the signs are there to warn drivers that deer have been known to be in that area.

It doesn't matter how much the radio hosts try to explain what the signs mean, she's insistent that she's right.

There's no possible way that this can be at all serious. I'll admit it, sometimes radio sets up entertaining bits, which is all part of the entertaining "theater of the mind" that radio is. If this lady is just playing the part of a radio bit, then she deserves an award for acting! Sadly, I think she's real and she's dead serious about the deer crossing signs...

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