Last week, Mixed Up Morning Show co-host Ashli shared her disbelief at seeing Christmas decorations and supplies for sale at Costco in St. Cloud.

Turns out, she's not alone in her shock.

A photo posted to the Minnesota thread of online discussion forum Reddit shows an aisle of lit and pre-packaged Christmas trees for sale in a retail store. "As seen on August 30," the photo's caption reads. "Too soon?" According to the person who posted it allthingsmn the photo was taken at Costco in Burnsville.

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The post has garnered an array of comments, including shock and half-hearted jokes.

"What. The. F." said one.

"I was there at 2:00pm," commented another. "Couldn't believe my freakin eyes."

"I was thinking about going there today," said a third. "Thanks for the warning. I'm not mentally prepared for Christmas yet."

"Definitely too soon. But I had a feeling Christmas stuff was gonna be out earlier this year," reasoned one. "I think retailers are gonna really push holiday shopping in an effort to get people buying stuff again. I get where they're coming from, but it's pretty insensitive since millions are struggling right now. It's gonna be a bleak Christmas."

While many have agreed, others think the reason for Christmas supplies out already is because so many retailers have had record sales numbers through COVID-19 and are running out of supplies.

"Everyone is doing amazing," suggested on reddit user. "That's why they're out of stock. That's why they're setting Christmas early."

"Retails like Target and Walmart have had record years," offered another. "They literally cannot keep stuff on the shelf. Anything they move up is to fill shelves so they don't look barren."

Whatever the reason, most agree that it's too early to see Christmas supplies in retailers.

"Asked a manager in disbelief," commented someone who had seen Christmas decorations up at Costco in Maplewood, MN. "They aren't happy about it either I don't think, but Costco likes to get a jump on things."

According to comments in the reddit thread, Christmas decorations and supplies have been spotted at Costco's in Burnsville, Eagan, Rochester, St. Cloud, St. Louis Park, Maplewood and Iowa.

What do you think -- is it too soon for Christmas decorations to be out in retailers, or should we just embrace it and look forward to an early winter/Christmas?

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