The end comes for all of us at some point. That brings up the question. What do you want to happen to your body when that time comes? Cremation is becoming the more popular option these days. So, that brings up another question. What to do with your ashes?

Less and less people like the idea of them sitting in a urn on a shelf. Spreading them somewhere that has meaning to you is an option. Personally, I want to be a tree or "the living urn" as they call it. I like the idea of forest's replacing graveyard's.

But now there's a couple new options. You can now have your ashes pressed into a gem (like a diamond or something) or they can press your ashes into a vinyl record. Yes, a VINYL record. As long as you can put songs on that record that mean something to you, I think it's a pretty cool idea. But I still want to be a tree.



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