The mask mandate is coming to an end, and with it comes clearance bins overflowing with face masks.

I was shopping at the Sartell Walmart Thursday evening, about six hours after President Biden and Governor Walz had made their announcement about the mandates ending. I'm not sure how long this giant clearance bin of face masks has been sitting in this location, but I did find it ironic given the day's headlines.

The Centers for Disease Control announced Thursday that masks are no longer required for fully-vaccinated individuals, either indoors or outside. Minnesotans are encouraged to follow CDC guidance and wear masks in medical settings and on public transportation, whether or not they are fully vaccinated.

Even with the mandates ending, face masks might still be required at certain businesses as private businesses and local municipalities can require them just as they require shirts and shoes.

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The CDC has updated their infographic detailing when vaccinated and unvaccinated people should be masking up. For both outdoor and indoor activities, those who have got their COVID-19 shot are good to take the mask off, and the unvaccinated are still encouraged to wear them for most indoor activities and a couple of outdoor ones. Check out that infographic here. 

I'm just excited to clean all the loose disposable face masks out of my car. They are consuming that space, and now I can justifiably get rid of all of them. I also have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of clearanced out face masks in the coming weeks.

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