Let me get this straight: Sartell is considering adding a new food and beverage tax to help cover costs for recreational facilities in the city? Didn't they just decide to spend $50,000 to move a basketball court across town because a handful of people complained?

The past year has been very difficult financially for most people, including people in Sartell. A lot of families are having to make difficult choices when it comes to wants vs needs and will continue to have to make tough decisions as the economy continues to be uncertain at best.

Why isn't the City of Sartell having to make those types of decisions? If you don't have the money to move a basketball court across town... then you can't move the basketball court across town until the budget can handle it.

It isn't just Sartell, but I'm getting really sick of the 'build it now and figure out how to pay for it later' style of government. It brings to mind the passing of a levy to build a new high school, only to be told a couple of years later that there also needed to be an operating levy. Oops! We forgot to mention that!

Restaurants are already struggling with staffing and supply chain issues and now you are going to ask them to add an additional fee to each meal they sell? Even if it is a relatively low amount, the optics of doing this right now, during a pandemic, are not great.

By the way, what ever happened to that basketball court? I know they tore it up IMMEDIATELY after deciding to do so, but I haven't heard or seen any progress in actually installing it at Pinecone Central Park. Why rip it out so quickly if you weren't prepared to re-install it?

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