This year has been so hard for so many.  But the hardest hit would be the hospitality industry.  This includes bars and restaurants, hotels, and of course music and entertainment venues.

The  entertainment venues have been basically closed for the whole year.  When you depend on people coming and enjoying anything from concerts, to events to weddings, home shows, expos, basically you name it when it comes to a large group gathering together, ALL of it has been cancelled.  I feel like it's 2020- CANCELLED!

First  Avenue in Minneapolis decided that they would start a fundraiser for these music venues.  It's aptly called "Save Our Stages".

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There was a "save our stages act" which was a relief bill that was introduced so that these places would be able to see the light of day when this pandemic is over.  It's been a rough year.

There have been so many artists who have performed at First Avenue.  And a lot of big named artists got their start at First Avenue and have sort of a soft place in their hearts for the venue.  Now, one of the artists that got her start there, Dessa, has put together, with the help of several other artists, a compilation album to benefit First Ave.

There is a subscription fee of $25.  After the venue reopens to the public and things start to be a bit more normal, hopefully sooner than later, this will be taken offline  and will be  done at the venue for people to come and support the effort in person.

All in all, we all hope to  be able to see live music in person again soon.  But until that happens, this is a great way to support the effort and enjoy some music at the same time.

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