It's now cool to proclaim your love of math and call yourself a 'math nerd', and there's a LOT of them in St. Cloud at SCSU. Today is your day to enjoy -- National Pi Day, 3/14.

If you're wondering why today is considered National Pi Day, it's because the date is 3/14, which is what the number "Pi" starts with, 3.14. Of course it has to be made a day on our calendar...nerds need love too!

If you're wondering how popular National Pi Day is, especially here in St. Cloud where St. Cloud State University has a big presence when it comes to courses related to math in one way or another. 55% of people plan to celebrate today by indulging in food that is circular, or "pie" shaped. Pizza seems to be the favored food to make a point to take in today!

If you're not a math nerd and feel like celebrating National Pi Day, you're in luck. There's over 50 pizza choices all around central Minnesota to choose from. I guess you may almost be able to call St. Cloud the "Pi Capitol of Minnesota"? Ok, maybe I'm reaching a little far on this one...

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