Chad Waldrop is a St. Cloud State University swimmer who was allegedly assaulted on Saturday, September 18 outside of his home in St. Cloud. His father Jerry Waldrop started a petition on Change.Org, demanding justice.

Jerry Waldrop detailed the events that unfolded in the early morning hours outside of his son's home, "my son … was minding his own business inside of his home when he heard what he believed to be screams from a female outside."

Jerry went on to say that Chad saw a man and woman arguing and asked if they were OK. That's when Jerry says the man "responded to chad with mind your [bleeping] business."

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When Chad turned around that's when he was allegedly assaulted by, who Jerry Waldrop says was a St. Cloud State University Wrestler.

Chad was allegedly knocked down to the concrete sidewalk, punched and beaten.

Jerry wrote that the beating had resulted in, "a broken nose in 4 places, fractures to both cheekbones/upper jaw, a broken left cheekbone, multiple other facial fractures, bilateral black eyes, superficial hemorrhaging in the eyes, broken teeth, multiple cuts and bruising internally and externally throughout his face and head. "

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Chad will need to have plates inserted into his face to hold his broken bones, He had to have his jaw wired shut among other medical procedures.

The suspect allegedly dragged Chad into his house and tried to find a place to hide him.

Chad's father says St. Cloud Police found Chad's body unconscious in the home after witnesses saw the events unfold and called 911.

According to Jerry Waldrop, the suspect was seen walking around the SCSU campus on Sept. 25.

That's when Jerry says, "We had difficulties getting actions and answers from the SCPD as well as SCSU until recently when the story started to spread across social media."

Jerry claims that he believes, "that the SCPD, SCSU, and SCSU wrestling team are attempting to cover it up."

Since Jerry Waldrop posted his son's story on Change.Org, it's had more than 4,300 signatures in his pursuit to bring 'Justice For Chad'.

Merissa Bazen signed the petition and wrote, "This boy needs justice! His attacker needs to be held accountable!"

Brian Bowen wrote, "anyone that commits a battery like this belongs in prison."

Alexis Rieger said, "this is wrong. Anyone who assaults someone should be charged. Should also have it on their record to keep them from careers that involve helping people. All hidden so he can stay on the wrestling team!"

SCSU Tweeted out that they are aware of the incident and it's under investigation.

Chad's mother Annette set up a Go Fund Me page that's already raised over $7,100.


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