I'm not sure if this is way out there, or if this guy's onto something. He's a former meth addict who opened a 'crack house' in Minnesota that that gets you high on God instead of drugs.

The video above, also found on Vice's Facebook feed, is an interesting take on a way to help drug addicts recover and become religious in a house that pushes the "high of God" rather than drugs.

They still take drugs, but not the kind that are illegal or real...they take pretend drugs and get a slight high on huffing an oily substance called "frankincense" -- and apparently those that go there don't mind looking goofy doing it.

The crack house was an actual crack house, in one of the worst neighborhoods in Minneapolis before it was condemned and boarded up. It was purchased for $20,000 and given to Brandon, the operator of this Christian Crack House, to run this recovery center.

Does this just scream "St. Cloud" or what??? Our news headlines seem to involve a drug bust weekly! I'm sure there's a few places a couple blocks back off either side of Division St. that could easily be cleaned up and turned into something like this. It'd certainly be safer than the gang-filled Christian Crack House in Minneapolis!

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