I don't know about you, but I am completely over winter for this year. Maybe next November when the first flakes of the season fall and they are all fluffy and pretty I will feel differently.

Now? I am tired of the half-melted, disgusting black/brown, slushy crap all over the place. To make matters worse, I see that there is MORE SNOW in the forecast for Thursday. In fact, we are under a 'Winter Storm Watch' for Thursday.


I, a Minnesotan, have seen enough snow for this year (or any year, really). Yes, I understand snow is what I have signed up for as a resident of the great State of Minnesota.

However, there IS a LIMIT to how much snow we can tolerate in a given Minnesota winter, which runs from about August 29th through April 20th. We have had almost double the amount of snow we would see in a normal winter this year in St. Cloud.

So, we are demanding that the newest storm, scheduled for Thursday, makes a hard turn toward Iowa or somewhere (anywhere) besides Minnesota. We have had enough.

Pack up your precipitation and take a hike. We are ready for the snow to melt, the lakes to thaw and the splash pads to open. You had your time to shine, now it is time to move on, snow.

You can sign this very serious and important petition HERE.

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