Whether you called it Snowmaggedon, the Mother of All Winter Storms, or something else, do you remember what you were doing ten years ago today?

It's a little tough to wrap your head around this year, given how warm and sunny it's been in Minnesota the past week or so, but that was NOT the case a decade ago. Yes, it was the weekend of December 10th - 12th, 2010, when Minnesota was hit was a powerful blizzard that dumped well over a foot of snow on much of the state-- and parts of Wisconsin, as well. (In fact, the National Weather Service maps show that nearly 16-inches of snow fell here in Rochester!)

And, it was the same storm that dumped enough snow on the Metrodome in Minneapolis that it collapsed the roof and forced the Vikings to cancel their game with the Giants that Sunday. Which was okay, seeing as the Giants couldn't fly into  Minnesota anyway, because the Twin Cities Airport was closed that Saturday! (Remember when they ended up playing a makeup game a few days later at Ford Field in Detroit?)

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I was living in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin during that storm, and we ended up getting about 17 inches of snow. I remember how it started snowing during the late afternoon on Friday, December 10th... and didn't stop until well into the overnight hours early Sunday morning December the 12th.

I remember stocking up on essentials that Friday night on my way home from work, thinking we might be in for a big 'ol storm. (And 'stocking up' for me back then pretty much meant making sure I had enough chips and beer-- hey, I WAS still living in Wisconsin😜) Then, I remember sitting back and watching it snow while heading out several times to fire up the snowblower to try to keep the driveway plowed out-- even though I didn't head anywhere, seeing as the Wisconsin DOT pretty much recommended no travel at all.

By Sunday morning, it had finally stopped snowing-- but by then we were all transfixed by the video of the Metrodome's roof collapsing (which you can relive in the video below). What were YOU doing during Snowmaggedon 2010? And, keep scrolling to check pictures of some amazing winters from Minnesota's past too!

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