Word of mouth is powerful marketing for businesses.  Maybe the most powerful marketing.  People like to go to places that friends and acquaintances have been to.  I do it all the time.  If there is a place I've read about versus a place that someone told me was good, I'll go to the one that someone actually told me about first.

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That's why these 2 BBQ places might be some of the best food you've had.  I haven't been to either of them, but according to Only In Your State, they are the MOST recommended BBQ restaurants in Minnesota.  That's saying something.  These two restaurants basically have the most people talking about them.

First, right in Central Minnesota is D's Smokehouse in Zimmerman.


They have all the smoked meats you're used to like ribs, brisket and chicken. But they also have Prime Rib on the menu as well as a Prime Rib sandwich that looks incredible.




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Then head North to check out The Piggy BBQ in Walker.

They have all the foods you'd expect at a BBQ restaurant and if you need to dive right in, you can start with the rib appetizer.  They also have soft pretzels with smoked Gouda cheese sauce.  Are you kidding me?  Is your mouth watering yet? Or if you like salad mixed with your BBQ, there's a brisket Caesar. There's patio seating too.




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Find more about D's Smokehouse on their website.

The Piggy BBQ website too.

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