Have you ever had one of those mornings where you didn't want to be an adult anymore? That happened to me this morning!

I think every grown-up has these moments once in a while, wanting to just have zero responsibilities and wishing the day would just go on with somebody else doing the day-to-day tasks within your household.

It doesn't happen to me very often, cause honestly, it's more fun being an adult! This morning was a different story...

In my house, we tend to let laundry pile up and then do it all in a night. Sometimes folding the clothes right away isn't appealing, so there they sit in the laundry basket for a day. Generally not a big deal, but this morning it ended up to be.

I get up about 4:15 am and do everything in my power to keep our bedroom completely dark so my wife can stay sleeping. She's a very light sleeper, so any light in the room will wake her up. You can imagine how interesting it is to walk around blind that early in the morning!

All was good until it came time to get dressed. We have a large walk-in closet that I usually walk into, shut the door, and turn on the light to finish getting ready in. This morning I literally had nothing in there that I wanted to wear, except for socks! All my normal desired clothes were in the bedroom in baskets.

It's pitch black in the room, and I'm trying to feel my way through laundry to pull out underwear, a t-shirt, and jeans. If I think I found something I'd shine my phone at it for a moment to make sure it's what I want. This took about 15 minutes of time this morning.

In between all this I knocked over an empty glass on the nightstand, then proceeded to step on the tail of one of our sleeping dogs at the end of the bed, sending him in a yelping scurry out of the room. At this point I might as well have had the light on, cause my wife has been woken up.

I kissed her 'good morning', told her to get some more sleep, and apologized as I headed out and shut the bedroom door behind me. It didn't get much better as I went into the kitchen and had nothing easy to grab for breakfast or lunch, so I just left to get into work with no food plan in mind.

Nothing to eat

This was definitely one of those mornings that sent me back to wanting to become a kid again and have everything done for me today. We'll see if it gets better as the day goes on. It can only get better from this point forward, right?

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