I've heard of a lot of reasons that a school was closed temporarily. You know, the usual, snowstorms, pandemics, bomb scares, broken water mains, etc. But I've never heard of a school canceling classes and closing for the day because of a spider invasion.

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According to an article on fox9.com about 3 weeks ago, a middle school in Wisconsin was forced to shutdown due to an influx of spiders. Not just your usual run of the mill spiders but the venomous Yellow Sac spider, which is news to me, pretty common in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The school nurse at Wilson Middle School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin reported both a teacher and a student suffered bites from the Yellow Sac spiders. School was dismissed midday Thursday, December 8th and exterminators were called in and over 30 Yellow Sac spiders were killed by the following Friday morning.

Although the Yellow Sac spider bites are not lethal, they do cause what at first looks like a mosquito bite but after a couple hours becomes swollen and painful.

Superintendent James Feil was at a loss for how the spiders got into the school but determined that action had to be taken. "We had to make some immediate action," he said.

Yellow Sac spiders are often confused with the Brown Recluse, which is much more poisonous, because of its shape. The Yellow Sac, however is usually a pale yellow color.

Classes at Wilson Middle School were resumed the following Monday.


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