ST. CLOUD -- A popular attraction in the Granite City has been vandalized and you have a chance to help fix the damage.

The Clemens and Munsinger Gardens was recently vandalized. Both the Windsor Court and Jenny Crane foundations were destroyed for the purpose of stealing the bronze in each fixture.

The Friends of the Gardens group that help collect funds to maintain the gardens is asking the community to donate what they can to fix the damage. Penny White is the Friends of the Gardens Chair. She says the money raised will go toward paying their insurance deductible.

"The damages are over $20,000. I'm not sure [at this time] how much of that will be covered and how much of that will have to be made up. Whatever anyone would be willing to give would be welcomed."


White says they appreciate any help they can get to maintain the gardens. She adds the St. Cloud community has always been a big supporter.

"The citizens of our community have been very generous. We have a nice group of people that donate regularly but we always want people to know that we are here if they are interested in anyway because it is something that is a legacy for our community."

Community donations make up nearly one-third of the Friends of the Gardens total operating budget.

If you are interested in donating follow the link below. The Friends of the Gardens did report the vandalism with the St. Cloud Police Department, the case is under investigation.

(Photo: City of St. Cloud)
(Photo: City of St. Cloud)


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