A Facebook user on a St. Cloud Community page recently posted a photo showing gas being sold for just 9.9 cents per gallon at a local station. He filled up his entire tank for just $2.32.... is this stealing?

This photo has not been confirmed to be real and some folks in the comments are saying that there may have been some gas station rewards involved in getting the price that low.

However, it is still an interesting moral dilemma: Do you fill your tank and call it your lucky day? Or do you tell the store about the price?

The commenters on the post mostly think its stealing, with a few saying that it is the station's responsibility to accurately price the gas.


Idk my morals would have kicked in


I would go in and let them know cuz someone screwed up and they'll lose their job... You know the amount is incorrect, legally you are not stealing but morally you are.

Some others said they would be more than happy to take advantage of this deal:


The government is ripping us off controlling this whole gas price increase. I would get zero cents and fill right on up! No guilt. Zero. They steal from us our entire life.

If this happened to me I would tell the poor person working at the gas station before it fell on their shoulders. I am the guy that always points out if I have been given too much change, etc.

I'd just hate to drive away from the station wondering if some kid making slightly over minimum wage lost his livelihood just so I could save a few bucks on a tank of gas.

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