It may seem random that September 26th is their biggest day for baby deliveries, but if you think about it, 38 weeks before that was last night.

If you didn't have success getting a hold of your bestie last night, there may have been an obvious reason -- they were making a baby!

Actually this conception date is purely mathematical since the most common birth date is September 26th, so if you figure in that the average pregnancy is 38 weeks long, that would make the conception date on January 2nd.

Even though this is a common average throughout the country, the chances had to be higher here in Minnesota. It's been below zero for the past few nights and we need to do SOMETHING to keep ourselves warm!

If you were curious about the most likely time of the day that most people were 'getting it on' last night? That would happen to be at 10:36 pm if you really needed to know...

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