I think it goes without saying that YouTube is probably the most popular website in the world right now. It’s pretty easy to understand why. The western world has had a fascination with video based entertainment ever since we acquired the television in the early 1900s.

One my personal favorite video series to watch on YouTube are Ted talks. Ted talks are among the most popular videos online - and their popularity is well deserved. The series sports everything from informational talks to motivational speeches. They’re educational and inspiring.

The “Ted X” series are Ted Talks that are organized at a smaller, more local level that showcase speakers from the area. As a fan of these events, I’m thrilled to announce that St. Cloud will be hosting its very own Ted X talk. It’s taking place at the Paramount Theatre on October 11th at 5 pm. The event will showcase 6 speakers and you can get a ticket online now for $43.

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