ST. CLOUD -- A problem rental property in south St. Cloud has lost its license again.

The St. Cloud City Council Monday night voted to revoke a provisional rental license at 722 8th Avenue South.

City Health and Inspections Director Matt O'Brien says the regular license for the property was revoked last fall. They got their provisional license in April after making some improvements on the property. However, between April and early July they received several additional enforcement actions. O'Brien says they sent the property owner an intent to revoke their license on July 3rd.

Since that intent to revoke they've had seven additional enforcement actions including numerous citations in excess of $3,000 in citations.  Intent to Revoke has not been disputed by the owners of the property and it is my understanding -- but it has not been confirmed -- that the property is up for sale or they are moving in that direction.

O'Brien says the house is used at a frat house.