If you remember this commercial, call 651-488-8888!

An "old" Pizza Hut commercial from the mid-2000's has resurfaced thanks to the internet, and Minnesotans are having a heyday with it.

"Call 651-488-8888 the only number for delivery today" goes the jingle. "In Minneapolis and St. Paul there's just one number you should call..."

While many remember the commercial, some commentators seem to remember a slightly different jingle.

"Was the 488-8888 a Minnesota only thing? I remember a different commercial that was 'Call 488-8888 Pizza Hut Pizza is really great! Oh yeah.'"

That commercial, according to one reddit user, was from the the late 80's/early 90's when the entire metro area had the same 612 area code.

Recorded and performed by Minneapolis-based band G.B. Leighton, the commercial and its jingle were clearly a hit at the time, with many people commenting fondly.

"This commercial always stuck with me. That tune is too catchy."

"I worked for Pizza Hut through most of the 90s. Definitely bringing the flashbacks!"

"That was always stuck in my head!"

For the record, the phone number is still used by Pizza Hut. Go ahead. Call it.

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