St. Cloud drivers beware! Your worst nightmare is coming true, a all red flashing stoplight is coming to the intersection of Cooper Ave South and Country Road 75/Roosevelt. I'm now just going to avoid that area until the stoplight returns as it will be chaos.

Stearns County made the spine-tingling announcement on social media yesterday.

Notice from the City of St. Cloud Engineer's Office:

Be advised that beginning 6 pm on Thursday, April 13, weather permitting, the traffic signal at Cooper Avenue South and County Road 75/Roosevelt will be placed in the All-Red Flash mode (All Way Stop condition.)
This is temporary, due to the construction in the area. It's anticipated that the signal will be back in normal operating mode before the morning commute on Friday, April 14. Drivers can expect minor traffic delays during this time.

The stoplight change will only be temporary, lasting tonight (Thursday) into tomorrow morning. Still, the last time I came to a flashing red stoplight along Roosevelt, which turned into Division, it was ten minutes of frustration and near collisions.

If you don't know how a red flashing stoplight works, it's like a stop sign. Not a free-for-all that often occurs during times like these.

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If you don't have to be in that area tonight, don't be, avoid the hassle and headache of the flashing red stoplight, and take it easy. For those that can't avoid that area, good luck and bring along some extra patience.

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