Ok, first things first: Minnesota has an official 'Summer Glory Index' to measure the awesomeness of summer weather in the state? Only in a land that experiences -40 degree temps, and -80 degree wind chills would this be a real thing. (But, this has been a nice summer.)

Minnesota DNR

The index adds and subtracts points to any summer's total score based on temperatures, dew points, and precipitation. 2017's June & July were on par with average, but August knocked the 'pleasant' ball outta the park.

Period 2017 Summer Glory Pts
Average (1903 - 2017)
June 588.4 520.2
July 559.4 518.7
August 823.4 594.1
Summer Total 1971.2 1633.1

This August was the 8th nicest in the 115 year history of the index, propelling the Summer of 2017 into the Top-20.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't around for what the index calls the best summer ever in Minnesota back in 1919, nor was I around for what it labels as the most miserable ever in 1947. (Mom? Dad?)


Let's hope the pattern of pleasantness continues into September and October. If I remember correctly, we had temps in the 70s into November last year.

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