I love a good breakfast burrito.

My wife and I used to live in Minneapolis, and one of our favorite places to eat -- often for brunch Sundays after church -- was Hi-Lo Diner on East Lake Street. Their Tex-Mex burrito, we still hold, is the best breakfast burrito we've ever had -- filled thick with mouth-watering scrambled eggs, chorizo, hash, cheese, seasoned sour cream and enchilada sauce. After a few weeks of going without, we would start dreaming of Hi-Lo's breakfast burrito, and every visit was like we were trying it for the first time. Seriously -- it's that good!

Well, it's been over three long years since we moved out of the Cities and about as long since we last visited Hi-Lo Diner, and we've been dreaming of their Tex-Mex burrito again. While we're reluctant to look elsewhere for a good breakfast burrito, we're willing to admit there may be some others around Minnesota that come close. Curious to know where else we can find a good breakfast burrito, I've taken to social media to ask around. Here's what I've found out.

"Red River Inn," suggested Tricia on Facebook.

"Benedict's in Wayzata," said Anne. "Best breakfast."

"Fat Nat's Eggs," recommended one on the Minnesota thread of Reddit. "Make sure you get it with the spicy avocado." Fat Nat's Eggs, it looks like, has three locations in New Hope, Brooklyn Park and St. Anthony Village.

"Ham's Sandwich Shop," in Minnetonka recommended another.

"Hell's Kitchen and Good Day Cafe both have pretty decent breakfast burritos," shared one on Reddit. Family-owned Keys Cafe and fast-food chain Qdoba also earned nominations.

What restaurant would you add to the list -- who's got the best breakfast burrito?

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