Congratulations to this week's "Teacher of the Week," Brennen Rath of Riverview Intermediate School in Sartell. Rath is a K-5 Technology instructor with over 18 years of teaching experience.

He was nominated by Jamie T.
"Brennen is in his 18th year of teaching. Started back at Triton where he taught 2nd grade for 12 years. After that he moved to Sartell & has been with the district for 6 years. Taught 3rd grade for 3 years, then K-5 Technology for 2 years. Of all those past 17 years his classrooms were anywhere from 20-30 kids. He is certified K-6 Elementary Education & 5-8 Social Studies.

"This is where it gets awesome. During that past year Brennen spent countless hours earning his highest degree & earned his Masters in Technology Education, especially tough during the COVID pandemic. Riverview Intermediate School was formed in Sartell for grades 3-5. Project Lead The Way (PLTW) was created & Brennen is now the teacher for that and teaches over 900 kids!! This program teaches children hands on learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) & that will lead them to a deeper understanding of all areas. Empower students to develop essential skills such as problem solving, critical & creative thinking as well as just letting kids be kids.

"Brennen has such a unique way of connecting to each & everyone of his students. One example is that he is passionate of these kids & calls all his kids "RugRaths". They can easily connect to Mr. Rath - just before Christmas break he asked his 900+ RugRaths to 'Unplug' from their devices and create some Rath Reindeer Games. This was kids knitting, making gingerbread houses, making playing card castles, lego creations, domino snake courses, developing/understanding how flight works in making paper airplanes & many more creative ideas. He put this on You Tube and kids loved it. 2nd example is Brennen is a part of the RIS School Forest Program which WJON did an article on. He also spends countless hours on weekends, after hours going into school to prepare for the next best curriculum for the students future.

"Aside from teaching in the classroom - he coaches basketball & baseball for the same age group. Above and beyond all of this, he is a Silver Lining guy....Devoted Husband & Father, diehard MN Sports fan, loves fishing, Graduate of SJU & certainly is a guy that will put everyone else 1st. Married for 17+ years with 3 kids. I have been friends with him since they moved here and is an absolute Class Act guy. I think nominating him for this great award would be something that would encompass all that he has done with students & be a 'Gold Medal' on his resume as a Teacher! Thank you! "

Nobody knows what this school year will be like. But one thing we know is that we want to continue to recognize teachers in Central Minnesota, even if it's in an empty classroom. We are ready to adjust to whatever situation presents itself.

If you know a teacher that is going above and beyond the call of duty, nominate them HERE for our "Teacher of the Week."

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