Thanks millennials, now it seems to be a facial hair world, and some of us just can't sport it like the rest. I've grown the hair out and it might be the worst look of all time!

I've always been pretty clean-shaven, mostly because I grow patches of hair and it's not very thick. Plus, my wife has always preferred no facial hair. Now some rules have been set -- if I'm going to go far that look, it can't be too long, but if it's too short it's prickly.

It was time to show off what I've grown so far to get opinions from around the radio station, and they weren't very helpful, yet quite brutally honest! Since they weren't much help at all, I'm asking you to help a guy out.

Should I keep it or shave it? I'm starting to find out I can trust my radio listeners much more than my co-workers...

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