We asked The River listeners what fast food chains they want to see come to the area and the #1 answer without a doubt was Sonic. I have to admit that I was surprised a little.

There are so many really good fast food joints across the country. Not saying Sonic is bad but there are places like Steak N Shake, Raising Cane's, Whataburger, Smashburger, In N Out etc. Some of those places made the list.

Some people did say that we don't need another fast food joint (for health reasons) and I can't argue with that. My thought is, how about we replace some of the same old-same old places we do have with some of these (I think) better places? Plus, there were some mentions of healthier options.

Here are the top votes according to my very un-scientific poll:

1. Sonic
2. Popeye's
3. Long John Silvers
4. Raising Cane's
5. Jack In The Box
6. Steak N Shake
7. Taco Time
8. In N Out
9. Habit Burger

Other mentions: Whataburger, Del Taco, Quiznos, White Castle, Smashburger, El Pollo Loco, Fresh Tomatoes and Salad Works. I can get down with those last two. We need more of those healthy choices.