It's December and I have been living off of chocolates from an Advent calendar and Christmas cookies. Here are a few you are most likely to find on cookie platters in the coming weeks!

1. The Classic Sugar Cookie - Often coated in a mountain of icing and caked with sprinkles. Most likely decorated by someones young grandchild.

Getty Images for Crisco

2. Chocolate Chip - We are Minnesotans. We don't want to stray too far from the ordinary.

Getty Images for Housing Works

3. Pretzels Dipped in White Chocolate - Not exactly a cookie, but also not not a cookie. Plus you know people love them!

Getty Images for Brooks Brothers

4. Chocolate Krinkles - AKA chocolate cookies dipped in powdered sugar. My personal favorite!

Getty Images

5. Spritz Cookies - These ones are little, so we can justify having multiple at a time. It's like hitting the jackpot if you find these in a decorative tin instead of sewing equipment!


What cookies do you have every year at this time? Share them in the comments!

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