I hear so many people complain about St. Cloud. They'll mention everything from the traffic and crime to a general lack of things to do in this area. If we take a step back, St. Cloud really isn't as bad as people make it seem...I mean, it could definitely be worse.

Last December Money Inc. put together a list of the 20 worst places to live in Minnesota. St. Cloud wasn't listed as the worst place, but we did land the number 5 spot just ahead of Brooklyn Center and Waite Park.

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So, where exactly is the worst place to live in the land of 10,000 lakes? St. Paul took the top spot. Yes, our capital city. According to Money Inc., "St. Paul is at the center of a huge crime wave ... Crime, an especially violent crime like robbery and homicide, can greatly detract from the quality of life in any City."

Eeek, not good. Even though St. Cloud wasn't named the worst city in Minnesota...we still did crack the top five. So, what did the site have to say about us?

According to Money Inc., "Back in 2018, the Wall Street Journal named St. Cloud as the worst place to live in Minnesota. Of the cities it evaluated, St. Cloud had the highest poverty rate and highest annual unemployment rate."

They also mentioned that our population was shrinking pretty rapidly. Even though the Wall Street Journal's study was from nearly 3 years ago now, Money Inc. alleged that our situation is still very much the same as it was when the study was published.

Here's the full list of the 20 worst places to live in Minnesota according to Money Inc.

  1. St. Paul
  2. Hawthorne
  3. Bemidji
  4. Minneapolis
  5. St. Cloud
  6. Brooklyn Center
  7. Waite Park Columbia Heights
  8. Columbia Heights
  9. Glencoe
  10. South St. Paul
  11. Albert Lea
  12. Virginia
  13. Jordan
  14. Spring Lake Park
  15. Anoka
  16. West St. Paul
  17. Maplewood
  18. Duluth
  19. Fridley
  20. Brainerd


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