The Winter Spectacular Races

Irina Igumnova/ThinkStock

I’ve gotta be honest. I really, REALLY hate winter time in Minnesota. I was born and raised in the comfortable climates of Kentucky, and the frigid winters up here never cease to amaze me. While other people are out ice-fishing, enjoying the low temps, I’m typically inside with 3 sweaters on, sitting as close to the fireplace as I can without getting 3rd degree burns. But there is one winter activity that I do enjoy up here on Hoth, and it’s not taking down imperial walkers (yes, that was a Star Wars joke.) That activity, my friends, is snowmobiling. I have always enjoyed doing fast, reckless things, so naturally snowmobiling is my favorite winter pastime.



Speaking of snowmobiling, you should check out the Winter Spectacular Snowmobile Races. They’re returning after a 30 year hiatus to the “High Flying, Half Mile” Viking Speedway. The race crowns four champions and you’ll even be able to find some food vendors and beer sales. Tickets are $10 a day or $18 for a two day pass. Sounds like a pretty good deal. Get your tickets soon, the races happen February 16th and 17th.

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