There are many ways to show your partner you love them. Have you ever thought if you were speaking a foreign love language to them? Different people with different personalities express love in different ways and in return desire to be loved a certain way. The different love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Each individual has at least one language that they prefer above the other. I feel like we all want to strengthen and improve our relationships. If it's good why not bring it to the next level of awesomeness.

When I started dating my husband I realized we had a extremely different ways of communicating our love to each other. It was because we grew up differently, different backgrounds, different parents and showed love differently. For instance, for me I feel love by words of affirmation (Example: I love you because..., I am thankful for... and so on)  and for my husband it's acts of service ( by making him dinner, rubbing his feet, and so on). We were different. It wasn't a bad thing, but after ready the book "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts" by Gary Chapman things really started to make more sense and I had a whole different level of appreciation for him. It was an eye opener for sure.

Photo: Jean Thran Photography
Photo: Jean Thran Photography

I know people want to radically strengthen and improve your relationships. I hear my friends talk about it all the time. They want to make it better but don't know where to even start. Start by taking the 5 Love Languages Quiz and discover how you prefer to give and receive love.

Do you know the 5 Love Languages? Here they are:

l. Words of affirmation – using words to build up the other person. “Thanks for
taking out the garbage.” Not – “It’s about time you took the garbage out. The
flies were going to carry it out for you.”

2. Gifts – a gift says, “He was thinking about me. Look what he got for me.”

3. Acts of Service – Doing something for your spouse that you know they would
like. Cooking a meal, washing dishes, vacuuming floors, are all acts of service.

4. Quality time – by which I mean, giving your spouse your undivided attention.
Taking a walk together or sitting on the couch with the TV off – talking and

5. Physical touch – holding hands, hugging, kissing, sexual intercourse, are all
expressions of love.

Out of these five, each of you has a primary love language which speaks more
deeply to you than all the others. Finding out what each other’s language and speaking
it regularly is the best way to keep love alive in a marriage.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner I found my husband the guy version of the book. I am excited to find out what he thinks of it. You can get it on Amazon, but I picked up a copy at Target here in St. Cloud.

You can take a quiz to find out what your love language is for men, singles, couples, military, teens, and children by clicking here.

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