People are going into 2021 with a good sense of humor and fried chicken, which I think is a good omen.

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen opened in St. Cloud on January 1st, 2021 to lines that were blocks long. The community has been waiting for this place to open for a long time, so the dozens of cars in line made sense.

Those lines also made for a great post on the St. Cloud MN Sell and Swap Facebook page.

User Matthew Lewis posted on opening day that he had a spicy chicken sandwich, a regular chicken sandwich and five apple pies for sale for $20. The post was accompanied with the comment:

Why wait in line when you can pay now. I know what I have so no bargaining!

Obviously, this was good-natured and a joke, so an admin commented saying:

This post will remain up. Nothing wrong with a little humor. I’m turning off comments though so it doesn’t take a turn south.

That's probably for the best. Facebook comment sections can turn into a wild west shootout at the drop of an enter key.

I appreciated seeing Matthew's post as I scrolled my timeline, it was a welcome change from some of the doom and gloom. Plus it was a good reminder that there is a new place to eat in the area.

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