We have heard all of the tales about the things people haven't been able to find lately in stores. To be honest, I have tried to take these stories with a grain of salt, holding out hope that any shortage would resolve itself quickly.

However, when I went to Crossroads Target on Wednesday night, I saw a sight that made me really consider how this shortage might really break my family: they were out of the frozen chicken nuggets my kid loves.

Because I am a great parent, my four-year-old basically exists solely on chicken nuggets. We definitely follow our pediatrician's advice and put healthy options in front of him multiple times a day, but for the most part it is only the chicken nuggets that get eaten.

When it comes to tenders, my kid is like a CSI character. We have tried veggie-based patties but they didn't even make it out of the oven before he vetoed them just by the smell. Homemade nuggets? Not crispy enough. Even nuggets without a familiar shape are immediately poo-pooed.

I blame myself. I eat like a poorly evolved fourth grader. Pizza, burgers, chicken fries... it's why I have such a flat stomach and have kept all my hair over the years.

Please, whoever controls the chicken nugget supply chain, please think of the toddlers.

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