Cockroaches. Yuck. Whenever I hear the word my mind instantly goes to the movie Scarface. There aren't any Hollywood special effects though when it comes to the roachiest cities in America, and one Minnesota city landed in the top-20 in terms of cockroaches.

Minneapolis is the Minnesota city that made the top 20 on America's Roachiest Cities, coming in at 19. So how did the list of roachiest cities come to be? Well, the company Pest Gnome mined data from the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as climate info to come up with their Top 25 list.

The areas of focus were:

  • Share of Homes With Signs of Cockroaches in Past 12 Months
  • Historical Average Number of Extremely Hot Days
  • Pest Control Workers per 10,000 Households

The top 'roach' city was Houston. According to Pest Gnome in Houston "37% of homes showing signs of these pests in the past 12 months." Heat and humidity are the reasons behind Houston's top ranking.

Joining Houston to round out the top-5 were San Antonio, Tampa, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

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Pest Gnome went on to list some reasons why having cockroaches living with you is a bad thing.

Cockroaches may carry bacteria or parasites that can cause intestinal disease, including the following organisms:

  • Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium
  • Entamoeba histolytica
  • Poliomyelitis virus

Roaches also can cause allergic reactions through their excrement and shed skin.

If you have an infestation of cockroaches, or just one, it can cause problems and you might want to seek professional help in the form of an exterminator. If you are looking for one in the St. Cloud area, here are some results from Google on who you could possibly call. 

Trust me no one wants to be living on the set of Joe's Apartment, no one.

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