Anniversary celebrations are always special. And certain anniversaries are more special than others and deserve more celebration than others.  

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Like for instance, a 100th anniversary. For anything to be around that long is saying something. A Minnesota landmark is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, I’m talking about Niagara Cave in Harmony. 

The cave was discovered 100 years ago by a farmer whose pigs fell into a sinkhole which led the farmer to the grand discovery. Can you imagine what the farmer’s reaction was when he first made the discovery? And the conversations with his friends and neighbors?  

The underground cave features a mile long walk that takes you 200 feet underground where you’ll see fossils that are 450 million years old. You’ll also be exposed to the underside of Minnesota, limestone.  

There are underground streams and waterfalls down there as well. There is even a subterranean wedding chapel down there too.  

You will go down 275 steps, and then back up those 275 steps, so strollers and wheelchairs cannot access going down into the cave. Take the walking tour that is lit with lanterns, which will really accentuate the cave.  

You could choose to take the black light tour option, where the lights are turned off and the lighting offers a different perspective of the cave. Both the lantern and black light section of the tour lasts about 15 minutes of the one-hour long tour. 

You should wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring a jacket or a sweatshirt, the temperature is 48 degrees.  

Checking out Niagara Cave is a great idea for a family outing, taking a date, or group outings. Niagara Cave is open seven days a week.  

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