I'm guessing there are very few other professions that deal with as much as police officers do. Not only are they putting their lives on the line for us, they are also responding to animal situations too. One such interaction caused one Minnesota police department to take to social media to find a 'dragons' owner, and as far as I can tell they still are looking.

The Chaska Police Department took to social media on Monday after their officers came across both a pigeon and a bearded dragon on the same day. It turned out that the pigeon was a registered homing pigeon, while the dragon remained unidentified, and seemingly unnoticed by its owner.

Update: the pigeon is a registered American Homing pigeon, which is why we’re keeping it until it can be rescued by the appropriate people. We’re still looking for the dragon’s family.
I bet you didn’t think you’d hear this from us today:
We have a pigeon and a bearded dragon in our custody right now. And no, we are not trained in zoo keeping so please claim your animals ASAP.
The dragon was located off of Shamrock Place and is being babysat by a friendly neighbor until we can identify a parent.
The pigeon is being picked up by a bird rescue team tomorrow.
Help us spread the world, and drop your dragon caretaking tips below (and call 952-361-1231 if it’s your dragon).

My guess is that there might be an adoptable bearded dragon in the South Metro in the near future if no one comes forward to claim the lost lizard.

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