On The 96.7 The River Morning Show today Jim Maurice mentioned that if this giant snowstorm lives up to the hype, it is going to need a name... and I think he is absolutely right!

Of course everyone remembers the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. Some say it was the price we had to pay for the Twins' World Series title that year. The snowfall totals from that storm are legendary and anyone who was a kid during that time remembers EXACTLY how it affected their candy-getting that night.

Just saying "Halloween Blizzard" around here will get the story chain started.

I lived in Savage, Minnesota during the blizzard and it was one of the hardest-hit areas by the storm. We got about two feet of snow that night and I can remember snowbanks easily towering over my head the next day.

Here in St. Cloud somewhere around 12-16" fell, while Duluth got an absolutely ridiculous 36.9"!

That storm pretty much named itself, right? It was on Halloween after all! So, what should we name the one that is incoming as we speak?

The Mardi Gras blizzard works... but it isn't really local. Are there a lot of people and places in Minnesota that even celebrate Mardi Gras?

The Midweek blizzard? Kind of boring I guess but with the storm slated to sock us from Tuesday through Friday it kind of makes sense?

The Minnesota State High School League girls hockey state tournament is taking place this week in St. Paul... is there a tie-in there?

Wade into the comment section on our Facebook page if you have come up with a good one!

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