Adapting to the cold Minnesota winters can take a lot of time and can brutal in the meantime.  Eventually, our bodies do adapt. Studies have shown that we tend to shiver more in the fall than in the dead of winter. Because by January, we just get used to it.

If you want to adapt to the cold faster, here are some tips for you:

1. Here the best way is to just be cold. Wearing just a light jacket.  Don't bundle up every time you go out for a few minutes.  You know the thing you always advise you kids not to do. If the weather drops below 30 degrees F you should be wearing a jacket, hats and mittens.

Remember, not to take this to extremes. Be safe. But the idea is the more you're exposed to cold weather, the faster you'll adapt. Also, try keeping your home a cooler temperature. Never lower than 55 degrees.

2. If you really want to speed this process along start taking cold showers. The U.S. Army has put a lot of money into studying how our bodies adapt to the cold. And they found that cold showers and baths really speed things up. Not sure if that would be something I would ever do. It's suppose to help as well with dry skin and hair too by helping keep the cuticles closed which helps with the loss of sebum. It helps with strengthening your hair and preventing from hair loss.

One expert says to go slow by starting your shower off with 15 seconds of cold water before warming it up. Then each day, add 10 more seconds of cold water. You can start building up a tolerance to it. A few other benefits Increases endorphins, helps improve metabolism, improves circulation, and helps fight off common colds.

This girl in the YouTube video below did an experiment taking a cold shower for 30 days and here is what she experienced. Check out the video below.

You may what to try out these tips I shared. If you want to get over the cold faster and shiver less.  I am just not that sure if I would want to be without my winter jacket or be taking cold showers. Maybe this would work for you. You can always give this a try and see if it actually works.

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