This might just be the most accurate 'Minnesota advice' type of video I've seen made by somebody that's not from here. As a resident here though, I can't agree with all of it.

There's a few videos out there that are Minnesota this and that, only going off of rumor about us and how we all eat hot dish and say "ya betcha". They have obviously never been here to know that we aren't all that much different from other states in the Midwest. What sets us apart is how Minnesota is at or near the top of almost every list of positive things.

I agree 100% with him that our state taxes just plain suck. We're not the only state that has this type of income tax, but we are certainly one of the highest rates of any state.

What I don't agree with is that it snows 9-months out of the year. Our late fall and early spring is pretty much winter here, with cold and snow that makes you think we have winter longer than anybody else. I would say that it FEELS like winter about 6-months out of the year.

Although he lists 10 pretty petty reasons why you wouldn't want to move here, he does list some really good things about living here. The benefits completely outweigh the negatives in my opinion. I give the creator kudos for finally putting a great video together about Minnesota. Nice job man!

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