The coronavirus has turned many things upside down. And while a lot of it has been negative, sometimes a positive comes from it.

The Minnesota Twins minor league baseball team, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, are taking the whole Airbnb thing up a few notches. They are allowing fans to hang out and spend the night at a professional stadium.

If you're thinking, "Hey, that sounds cool, but how much does it cost?" Well, it is not cheap. It will run you $1500 per night. But up to 10 people can stay there. So if you can get nine of your friends together, it will cost you $150 per night, per person, or roughly the cost of a decent hotel room. That is not bad.

If you are a big baseball fan, this sounds like a great experience. Your 'Field of Dreams' so to speak (except no cornfield). For some people that make the annual trek to Spring Training, but didn't go this year because of COVID, this could be an excellent alternative in place of that.

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They are waiting to see what the MLB plan is for 2020 so they're not taking reservations yet. But when they do, don't be surprised for dates to fill up quickly.


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