If you don't get your Amazon Prime delivery from the United States Post Office by 8pm then you're supposed to get something free from Amazon. USPS doesn't want you to know that.

There's a contract between the USPS and Amazon that makes sure they deliver Amazon Prime packages on time or you get something free from Amazon. The problem is that post office employees aren't supposed to discuss this with the consumers, or talk to the media about it...according to a couple former postal service employees.

As the former employees in the CBS46 News video explain, if your Amazon Prime package isn't delivered by 8pm on the day it's supposed to arrive, the customer can call Amazon and complain, and receive a free month of Amazon Prime or another type of freebie.

They also said that at 7:15pm, postal employees must pull over and scan the remaining Amazon prime packages that haven't been delivered yet, to report those packages to Amazon.

Amazon may have updated this policy on their website since it's nowhere now on their "Guaranteed Delivery Terms and Conditions" page, where it used to be on there according to Tom's Guide.

I live in Sartell, MN, and we literally get a couple Amazon Prime deliveries a week. Our mail carrier has issues with giving us mail from our neighbor 2 blocks away who has the same house number. It's been this way for years. They must take Amazon packages a little more serious, as we've always had luck getting our Amazon deliveries on time from the Sartell USPS. Not sure if this is different for St. Cloud residents, but if it is, now you know that it could get you some freebies from Amazon!

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