Being a parent of two kids I can totally understand the amount of relief this family felt when their son, Ethan was found early this morning in the cornfield just a mile and a half from the family's home. It wasn't even my child and I was up all night crying and praying for a safe return.

I just know that sick feeling I get when I lose my children in a grocery store or park when a minute feels like eternity. All the emotions this family must have felt in the course of this 10 hour search I can't even begin to fathom.

Over 600 people came together to help find this little boy and not only that he was in good spirits. It is such a relief not only to his family but anyone following this story. I had friends in the area that went out last night to help search and friends that lived in the area that had search lights in their backyard. This story hit close to home.

Ethan we are all so glad you made it home.


Here is the video of Ethan being found in the cornfield this morning.


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