Tiny homes are turning into quite the trend these days and they are my jam. I don’t have a tiny home, but gosh that is my dream. Just imagine creating your own community of tiny homes and have friends live close by. That would be so much fun.

The cabins, facing the Llano river outside of Austin, Texas, cost around $40,000 each and are environmental-friendly and sustainable. The couples plan to retire on the property and they named it ‘Llano Exit Strategy’.

They retreat is designed to be sensitive to the limited water resources of a region locked in a drought affecting the entire state. The high-design finish didn’t cost a lot of money, and the reflective walls and insulated windows ensure the heat is reflected, so the cabins are kept cool even during summer.

The interiors have been made with plywood, and the slanted roofs capture up to 50,000-gallons of rainwater in large barrels or cisterns that will keep the property irrigated.

Despite the cabins, there is also a 1500-square-foot communal kitchen with large, stainless-steel appliances, including a commercial range and clear-glass fridge, plus a guest bedroom.

The black, granite countertop lined with steel stools and a wine rack on either side separates the kitchen from the communal dining and living room. The guest bedroom is fitted with bunk beds and a large pine porch with octagonal wooden picnic tables where they can enjoy the peace and view.

The multiple windows let in lots of light, along with the surrounding natural scenery. Each cabin is specifically designed to offer the best view possible, with no cabin blocking another cabin’s view.

While the entire retreat will take more time to be finished, these eight friends are already enjoying their peaceful getaways and are looking forward to spending their retirement there.

I think it’s an awesome idea. I am not sure if I could become a minimalist. I kind of like my stuff. It would be affordable, living by my friends, and being in a cute little tiny house would be a fun little adventure.

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