Now that Bridgewater is healthy, there's a big question about if he'll start at all this season. That question is finally being answered regarding the upcoming game Sunday.

Recently I posted a story about the likelihood of Teddy Bridgewater playing at all this season if Case Keenum stays healthy and keeps playing well. My thoughts were that the team will keep Keenum in the QB spot until he starts to be less than stellar, but that could be completely wrong after today.

KSTP is reporting that Coach Zimmer is planning to hold a press conference to unveil his plan for the starting Quarterback on Sunday for their game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Zimmer came right out and said that Bridgewater WILL play at some point this season, but needs to talk with "all parties involved" before telling his master plan this afternoon in his media address.

The Vikings are 7-2, 1st place in our division, and will be taking on a very tough L.A. Rams on Sunday, who also have the same record. The bottom line is that a win is needed for this game, and right now Case Keenum is getting the job done. Everybody is in sync right now, and putting in a new QB would be difficult to understand logically. I still feel 100% that Zimmer will announce Keenum as the starter for Sunday. If we are in a very safe lead, then Bridgewater should come in to get some field time and make his comeback debut.

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