Bridgewater is officially ready for play again and Sam Bradford is done for the season. So when will he making his starting QB debut?

Let's face it, Case Keenum is on fire. Even though he's a backup, he's playing solid. Do you think he's worried about Teddy Bridgewater taking over the quarterback spot? I don't think so...

The Vikings are surely going to start Keenum for at least the next 2 to 3 games, and maybe for the remainder of the season. The only way I see that Bridgewater starts any games is if Keenum gets hurt.

The only possible way we're going to see Teddy taking the field (in my opinion this whole year) is if the Vikings have a solid big lead in the 4th quarter and decide to give him some real playing time.

Even though he's activated to play, I think the Vikings are going to hold off as much as possible to give his knee a ton more time to heal. There would be nothing worse than to have Teddy Bridgewater go down again for an injury and then be only left with Case Keenum and Kyle Sloter as a QB option.

There is, however, the option with Sam Bradford. If he fully heals by post-season, he could be activated again to play. This would only happen if Keenum started playing less than stellar ball though.

So, in closing, I honestly don't see us watching "Touchdown Teddy" putting the helmet on full time any time soon.

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