We're not used to saying that the Vikings have strong Quarterback options, but this year we do, and Case Keenum is better than the starters he's supposed to be a backup for!

It's been nearly 7 years since we've felt greatness at the QB position, when we acquired the great Brett Favre in 2009. We held our shoulders high and could smell the Super Bowl in our near future. Since then, the Vikings have struggled with a solid lineup of Quarterbacks, at least until now.

Just weeks prior to last year's regular season, our shining star faded with Teddy Bridgewater as he dislocated his knee and tore his ACL while taking a snap at practice. We called up Sam Bradford, who quickly impressed us throughout the year. It wasn't enough to reach a Super Bowl, but got us excited for the 2017 season.

Earlier this season, Bradford went out with a knee injury, and Bridgewater was still not active, which gave Case Keenum the opportunity to step up. We were worried at first, but quickly saw magic happen.

Case Keenum was brought on in March as a backup to Bradford, but just as a short-term solution while Bridgewater got healthy. He's a key part to our 8-2 record, and giving us hope that we could be strong enough to become a contender to play in the Super Bowl at home in Minneapolis!

He's putting up better numbers than either Bridgewater or Bradford has for the Vikings. Bridgewater is ready to play, and IS our franchise QB, but Keenum is so hot right now that the Vikings don't dare take him out.

I can't imagine what kind of pressure that is on a person. Teddy wants to play badly, and the moment Keenum isn't awesome for a few plays, he's done.

He's led us to 6 straight wins, and Sunday's game against a very good L.A. Rams team was a blowout for the Vikes, and showed the world that we have one of the best teams in the NFL. Even if Case falters a little, he should still be considered the starter this year. He's earned it and especially given that the Vikings have the best record they've had in a while.

The Vikings play the Detroit Lions at 11:30am on Thanksgiving day Thursday. Skol!!

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